Networking 2.0

Groundbreaking Technology

Using a patented technology, Shake-on has developed a smart bracelets specifically for the event industry, allowing its users to exchange Information with a handshake. Meeting new people in real life and connecting with them online has never been this easy.

Mobile App

The mobile app allows attendees to manage their network on the fly, giving them an overview of the people they’ve recently met. For attendees, maximizing the output from events has never been so simple or natural. Besides the networking feature, the app also provides attendees with their personal schedule, a list of speakers, floor maps and additional Information about the event, exhibitors, workshops etc.


Set the stage for a successful event by introducing your speakers to the attendees prior to the event. Engage the audience with live feedback and polling both during and after the speaker session.


Help your attendees leverage their time with a schedule. With a personal schedule and notifications your attendees won’t miss out on a thing.

Floor Maps

Help the attendees navigate through your event with ease. Guide them to their point of interest with a touch of a finger.


Connect your attendees and spark conversations. With a unique match making function the attendees are encouraged to make new connections based on their interests.

Web Portal

For people that don’t use the app or for events that rather not use the app, Shake-on has an easy solution. Attendees that have used the Shake-on bracelet will receive an email containing a link to their personal profile. Here they will get an overview of the people they have recently met and they can easily add them to their network or delete them from the overview. Users can also connect their social media accounts to their profiles, allowing them to connect with each other via other platforms.

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